I started Safroni Art years ago as an off and on hobby where I made things for friends, gifts, and sometimes for sale. In 2014, Safroni Art found it's way to Facebook, and the rest is history!

Through my art, I have been able to help rescue.  I own five rescued dobermans, and have a special place in my heart for any animal plucked out of a bad situation.  Safroni Art donates or provides at a great discount, pieces to benefit rescue.

I also enjoy the interaction I get with people who want memorial pieces of their babies that have crossed the Bridge.  It is so rewarding to create something that brings comfort to someone when their heart is shattered.  Having been there myself, I absolutely know the feeling.

You'll find whimsical pieces here too- dogs dressed up, dogs on 4 wheelers, all kinds of things!  Browse the galleries.  My only limit is your imagination.

Support an artist who supports rescue!