What do I love about Dobermans?  I love the fact that they can read your mind.  I love their undying devotion, bravery, and unconditional love.  I love that they walk around displaying that "Devil Dog" persona while dragging their favorite blankie and stuffie.  I love that they seek out the most comfy spot for a nap, then dangle their head over the side in the most uncomfortable position to sleep.  I love that they check on you in the bathroom, and that they watch from the window for hours.  I love all dogs, but I'll never be without a doberman.

​Safroni Art


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TypSara Comeau of Spiritual Tides is a psychic medium and animal communicator whose intention is to provide positive energy and healing to all of her clients. Sara is offering all of Safroni Art’s customers $20 off of your first session with her using the code: SAFRONI.
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